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Make Sweet Music Wherever You Are

Soundtrap - Make Music Online is a cool multimedia app that lets you create your original music by directly recording it with an instrument or a mic. The app is available for cross-platform use and even lets you collaborate intensively with other people through text and video chat in real-time. Soundtrap is a versatile audio app with various built-in professional editing tools perfect for any aspiring artist, whatever their lifestyle. So, if you fall under that type or suddenly want to make awesome music with your friends or like-minded folks you found online, then Soundtrap may be the app you can rely on.

Record Anywhere

There are tons of music apps out there designed for music recording. Some are pretty basic in their tools, especially if they’re on mobile and aren’t PC programs. Some have lots to offer but are freemium apps. Whatever the case, you will mostly find the best and most reliable music programs on computer platforms, as they have enough of the computing capacity to handle such complex files most of the time. That’s not to say mobile apps can’t compete, however. Soundtrap is one that’s in the running for both. With it, you can record vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, and other instruments that you can think of. You can also create music with a large set of high-quality professional loops. More, you can use various high-quality effects on your loops. There are also some preset samples of instruments that you can use for easy music creation. 

After all of that, you can save your cool stuff in the cloud. With this, you can get your friends on a wild collaboration using text and video chat. You can also share your work on social media and even release it on music platforms. The app promotes recordings on the go and won’t limit you to what you can use on. However, while all of these sound convenient, Soundtrap has unfortunately poor maintenance for its mobile version and often crashes, so you might have to just stick to the PC one.


  • Cross-platform
  • Professional tools
  • Various effects
  • Freemium


  • Instruments not categorized properly
  • Uploading doesn’t work much

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Soundtrap - Make Music Online


Soundtrap - Make Music Online varies-with-device for PC

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